Driver Success Stories

Ron Knapp

“It’s a learning process…adapt to changes to succeed!”

Ron came to RT&T at the beginning of 2014, with several years of experience in the trucking industry, at both larger and smaller companies, pulling dry van and reefer freight.  He found RT&T on the internet and liked that the equipment had APU’s.  He had … Read More

Michael Staton

“Just work’s real easy!”

Michael found RT&T on the internet and contacted Brian, the recruiter at that time, for more information.  He said the RT&T Lease Program was the only fair lease around and that recruiting was good to work with in the onboarding process.  Having leased many times … Read More

Tracy Reiter

“Have a positive attitude – be the business owner!”

Tracy came to RT&T Enterprises at the end of 2013, with 17 years of driving experience pulling a variety of loads and trailers.  He had entered into lease programs before, but had not been successful, with the last company closing down before he had the chance to finish … Read More

Donald Tabron

“It takes a lot of dedication and sacrifice!”

With 25 years of trucking experience, all as a company driver, Donald wanted to explore his options and look for an opportunity to purchase his own truck.  He started his search on the internet, looking into different companies and programs that might fit his needs.  He … Read More

Berry Placher

“It takes communication and determination to succeed!”

Having driven since roughly 1989, Berry had accumulated experience in hauling a large variety of trailers and freight.  He has always leaned towards lease programs, because he likes the independence they offer and the earning potential of owning a truck.  Berry found … Read More

Vernon Ferguson

“Hard work, dedication, and smart business decisions!”

Vernon came to RT&T in 2014, knowing he wanted his next move to be one that would lead him to owning his own truck.  He had about ten years of experience in driving for owner operators and a couple other companies.  Having never leased before, he was looking for an … Read More

Nichalos Pierce

“Stay focused on the plan of ownership!”

Having a CDL for roughly 15 years, Nichalos had experience in dry van, log & dump truck, and equipment hauling.  He had always been a company driver, so making the move into owning a truck sounded both appealing and challenging to him.  He realized that if he was … Read More

Robert Dowling

“Whatever is worth doing won’t come easy.”

Owning a truck of his own had always been one of Robert’s dreams.  His dad was a trucker and mechanic, so being raised around trucking kept his interest in the industry.  He had tried to lease with a different company, but they sat him a lot while company drivers ran … Read More

Don Cummins

“Hard work…well worth the effort!”

Don had completed leases before and had a lot of experience owning trucks in the past, until the recession hit in 2007.  He had been running as a company driver for several years when he received an email from RT&T that piqued his interest.   He had done a lot of … Read More

Johann Gygli

“Work hard…keep pushing on!”

“Treat it like a business, not a job” is what Johann would tell new drivers, as they get into a lease with RT&T. He said he appreciated that RT&T has an affordable program available to allow drivers to get into a lease, but it is up to the driver to work hard, … Read More

Julian Alexander

“Have a goal…stick to the plan!”

Julian’s goal, entering into the trucking industry, was to become an owner operator.  When he started with RT&T, he had not leased before and was fairly new to trucking, with just shy of two years of experience.  His cousin, Corey, had leased on with RT&T and was … Read More

Robert Minisee

“Keep focused…it’s about owning a truck!”

Robert started driving truck on the farm, then eventually got his chauffeur’s license, and on to his CDL.  He continued his career, pulling several types of trailers, but mostly did dry vans.  Robert was pretty content with the company he was at, until he ran into one of … Read More

W. Lee

“Keep your goal in mind…know your priorities!”

Lee was looking to the future and didn’t see any challenge in remaining as a company driver.  He had received an email from RT&T and thought he would give them a call to see what leasing was about.  He knew it was going to take hard work and persistence to complete a … Read More

Michael Simpson

“Focus, effort, and commitment!”

Michael Simpson had been driving since 1974 and wanted more options, in order to be more in charge of his career. He studied up and asked a lot of questions before getting into a lease. He had friends who had leased, so he picked their brains, as far as what to look for and … Read More

Anthony Tramble

“Keep going…it will all work out!”

Prior to coming to RT&T, Anthony heard that leases don’t usually work, yet he felt he had hit the ceiling as a company driver and wanted to take the next step in his career. It seemed to him that he was limited as a company driver and he wanted more. He happened to run … Read More

Russell Decker

“Do what it takes to make it work.”

Russ had been driving for 7 years when he decided he would finally take the plunge and see if he couldn’t make a lease plan work. He had talked to one of his friends that was driving for RT&T and decided to make the call. He was looking to make more money and have the … Read More

Emmett Caton

“RT&T is professionally run, with a good family atmosphere”

Emmett is a family man and appreciates his home time. He got into the lease purchase plan to provide for his family and still be able to spend time with his wife and children. Emmett has been driving since 1997. He had tried to lease with three companies (including … Read More

Jerry Zilinski

“With RT&T’s help, the lease was easier than I thought”

Jerry came to RT&T with 10 years of driving experience. He saw our ad on Craigslist and thought he would call, to see what we had to offer. He hadn’t leased before and wasn’t looking to lease, but when he called and talked to Shane, he realized he could own his truck … Read More