Michael Staton

“Just work hard...it’s real easy!”

Michael found RT&T on the internet and contacted Brian, the recruiter at that time, for more information.  He said the RT&T Lease Program was the only fair lease around and that recruiting was good to work with in the onboarding process.  Having leased many times before, in his 30 years in the trucking industry, Michael knew that he wanted to continue on that path, rather than become a company driver.  He felt there was ultimately more money in being your own boss.  Michael came to RT&T after recently going through a very rough time.  He was broke and homeless, after a house fire took everything.  Through his dedication to see the light at the end of the tunnel, he and his wife were able to relocate to Iowa, move into a new house, and replace the lost items.  And on top of that, he PAID OFF his truck TWO MONTHS EARLY, using funds that had accumulated in his maintenance escrow!  The secret to his success… “Just work hard – don’t take time off and it’s real easy.”

When asked what RT&T does differently from other lease programs, Michael mentioned the workload given to the drivers – the trucks keep moving.  Also, the driver doesn’t have as many unnecessary expenses, so this is a lease you don’t go hungry in.  He was happy to find the truck was in much better shape than expected and that Andy and Nicole, in the RT&T Repair Shop, are great to work with.  The end result was always good after any truck work.  He says having the Maintenance Escrow during the lease was a good thing – it helps you sleep at night.   He will continue setting money aside for repairs/maintenance, and has already used the equity he worked so hard for to purchase a new unit.

Michael will continue to run the dedicated lane he is on, and take time to enjoy the life he has built in Iowa.  RT&T would like to congratulate Michael on his dedication to lease completion and wish him continued success with the company!